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Fertility Cell Treatment, a therapy developed that uses a patient’s own adult cells to treat fertility issue and is a viable alternative treatment for patients suffering from infertility who do not have any other therapeutic alternative.

Progenitor Cells and Cell Precursors

Progenitor or precursor cells are 'master cells' found in all vertebrate animals including humans. These cells can divide to create cells either identical to themselves or are differentiated into a specific cell type. With these properties, they play an important role in the processes of normal development, regeneration and repair of damaged tissues.

Fertility Cell Treatment
Gynecologists and fertility experts are currently using the patient's own cells to improve the chances of conception of patients suffering from infertility related issues. Patients who have exhausted all other treatment options such In Vitro Fertilization are candidates. If the patient has other medical conditions that make these conventional procedures too risky or otherwise not possible, this therapy may also be a viable alternative. Results so far have been encouraging and indicate that the therapy is safe and beneficial to patients.

The use of a Fertility Cell Treatment as a fertility enhancement process is aimed at promoting the formation of natural Oocytes within the ovary.

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